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The Craps Table Introduction

At the casino there are many craps tables, every craps table is managed and run by four casino employees: a box man, who watches over the chips, oversees the dealers and give the bettors their money after they win; two dealers stand on either side of the box man and take bets. There's also the stickman who is situated in a straight line across the table from the box man and declares the results of every roll and then gathers the dice with an stretched out wooden stick – the trade mark of craps. It's hard to pass through a land base casino without seeing one of those moving on and on.

He also manages all the bets made on the middle of the table. If you wish to become a craps dealer then you have a long way ahead of you, but if you are simply interested in craps table for no specific reason then move on to our linking page or main page, there you would find more information about craps.

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