Craps' Free Odds Bet: taking the advantage

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Craps' Free Odds Bet: taking the advantage

There is one rare type of bet in craps. Rare because it almost never occur in most casinos since the house edge is absent in this type of bet.

In a casino, most bets have pay outs which are slightly less than the amount of the exact odds of the bet. For instance, a player makes a bet where his odds of winning is 2 to 1; this means the player can expect to win twice his bet, hence the 2 to 1 pay out. But the reality is that casinos need to profit from all their gambling games or else, they will go bankrupt. That is why the pay out is less than the true odds. Free odds bet is contrary, since the pay outs are full or equal to the amount of the true odds. So when a player sees an opportunity to make a free odds bet, he should take advantage of the situation.

Free odds betting is considered a side, or an additional wager to push the original bet. Free odds bet can be made on don't pass and don't come and pass line bets and the best time to make it is after the come out roll. There is also a limit to the amount that a player can wager, usually 2 or 3 times the amount wagered on the don't pass, don't come or pass line bet. Remember that there is no house edge when making the Free Odds bet, so it is worth betting the maximum amount that a player is allowed.

Just some additional information, a player should be aware of how a craps table is laid out. Take notice of the areas where you are placing your chips. The worst bets are laid out in such a way that it catches the attention of the players, whereas the best bets are at the least noticeable part of the craps table. The free odds bet does not have any position or area on the table. In making a free odds bet, separate chips are simply placed behind the player's original bet.

The odds, and consequently the free odd bet pay out, in getting a point of 6 or 8 are 6 to 5. For the odds of getting a point of 9 or a 5 are 3 to 2; and in getting a point of 4 or 10, the odds are 2 to 1.

For most craps players, the element of fun and excitement counts the most. But for more serious player, who wants to break free of the monotony of losing most the time, the free odds bet could be his edge to wagering his way to win the pay outs.