Commonly Observed Craps Etiquette

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Commonly Observed Craps Etiquette

We all know that there are certain rules to follow in playing the game of craps. These craps rules include the bets, the casino commission, the dice and so on. But aside from these rules there are also some behavioral 'rules' that are observed by craps players in playing craps.

If a craps player is given the chance to be the shooter and he feels he is not up to it, it is not offensive to pass the role of shooter to another craps player. However, a craps game can only commence if there is a shooter betting on the pass line or don't pass line craps bet.

It is a social expectation that craps players that are winning should share his winnings with the craps dealers. It is common knowledge that craps dealers get a part of their income from tips given by craps players. There are various methods of tipping the craps dealers. One method is to throw the chips in the craps table and say "for the boys." Another way is to place a bet alongside your craps bet and say "dealers." This bet is called a "two-way" bet as one is for the craps player and the other is for the craps dealer. It is customary that the craps dealer's bet is smaller than the craps player's bet.

Do not say 'seven' after the craps come-out roll as this is considered rude and would definitely offend many players. Seven is also nicknamed as the "Big Red." Many consider it bad luck if a craps player replaces craps dice in the duration of the roll.

If craps players wish to place there bets, they simply have to toss the chips in the center of the table and say their craps bets. The craps stickman then places the bet in its proper place.

If a craps player thinks that the dealer made a mistake, it is not offensive for the player to correct the dealer. Disputes and disagreements usually end up in favor of the craps player to keep the casino business going.

Placing bets after the dice has left the center of the table is considered a 'late bet' and is very rude. Too much late betting would only result in the craps player getting a warning.

Craps players consider leaving the craps table after a good come-out roll as bad luck. It is casino policy that drinks, foods and other items should not be placed on the chip rail.