Sticking With Craps

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Sticking With Craps

Sticking with craps means learning and playing craps even if it is a little bit challenging. To ease out some of that burden let me introduce some terms that are used in playing craps.

First, it is good to know who are the people that is manning the craps table. The supervisor of every craps table is called the boxman. He is usually the one sitting in the middle of the craps table. The boxman is the one that has the last say when it comes to misunderstandings between the player and the dealers.

The people standing up on either side of the boxman are the craps dealers. They are the ones responsible for giving your winnings and collecting the losses. The craps dealers are also the ones exchanging the money for chips and placing the bets.

The craps personnel in front of the boxman is called the stickman. As you might have guessed, he holds a long wooden stick for collecting and giving out the dice. The craps stickman also manages the bets made in the center of the craps table.

Craps is really challenging because of the many bets that can be made on it. The most basic bet that can be made in craps is the come and line bets. The line bets are made only on the come-out roll whereas the come bets are made after the come-out roll.

There are also propositions bets that are generally single roll bets. They are the bets located at the middle of the craps table. The any seven bet possesses the title of being the worst proposition bet as it offers the highest house advantage. The bets that have absolutely zero house advantage are called odds bets. Odds bet may be made in either the line or come bets.

There are also bets that require a 5% commission given to the casino either after the bet wins or when the bet is made. These bets are the buy, place and lay bets.

There are also slang terms in craps. These terms are normally attributed to numbers. The number twelve has a slang term that means box cars and midnight. The eleven is also called yo or yo-leven. The two is called snake eyes in craps and the three is called ace-deuce.

The craps dice also did not escape with the names. Craps dice are also called bones as once in the development of craps the players used real bones for dice. The dice that is crooked is called capped dice whereas a dice that has been changed in favor of the player is called loaded dice.

There are still many things to learn and know about craps. Just remember to stick with craps. Enjoy playing!