How to Feel at Ease at the Craps Table

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How to Feel at Ease at the Craps Table

Indeed, many people, after taking one look at the very colorful and somewhat confusing layout of the craps table, find themselves greatly overwhelmed by the sheer number of bets being used.

They look at the craps players having fun and having no difficulties making bets and they wonder: how can I be just as comfortable as they are at the craps table?

Easy! Read our article while playing free craps online and you'll get the hang of the game in no time at all. We promise!

Select where you wish to play free craps first. The best free craps site is one with lots of helpful features like indicating what each roll of the die means and providing an online glossary for players like you.

You're done picking? Okay, let's proceed to the next step of the game � making bets!

The most exciting thing in playing craps is choosing what bet you wish to make. In fact, the craps table is really like just a list of bets that you can make in the game. Even the payoffs are listed for some types of bets.

Let's move on to the types of bets then.

The Pass Bet � This is the most basic of all bets so you're not to worry about experiencing any difficulty in making this one. When the shooter rolls the dice for the first time, that's the only instance you can make a pass bet. When the dice comes up with 7 or 11, your pass bet wins. When it comes up with a 2, 3 or 12, you lose. When any other number comes up, it becomes the point. If the point comes out once more before a 7, you win!

The Don't Pass Bet � Opposite of the Pass Bet

The Come Bet � A Pass Bet made after the come out roll.

The Don't Come Bet � Opposite of the Come Bet

Hardaway Bet � When you bet on a hardaway 8, you're hoping that the dice would reveal two 4s on the next roll. Hardaway bets are notoriously hard to win so think hard on just how much money you wish to risk when making such wagers!

The Field Bet � This bet can be made at any given part of the game. There are a set of numbers that are listed in the Field Bet area, right? If you're making a field bet, you're hoping that the next roll would come up with any of the numbers listed in that area. Oh � and remember that the numbers 2 and 12 pay double!