History of Craps

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History of Craps

Craps is best known to be a casino dice game that is especially popular in the United States. The exact origin of the term ' craps' is unknown. Some speculated that craps came from the English crabs or from the French word Crapeaud that means toad.

The game of craps is said to have come from the English game of hazard. Hazard was said to have been played during the time of the Third Crusades where leaders like Richard the Lion-Heart of England, Philip Augustus of France and Frederick Barbarossa of The Holy Roman Empire participated. This early predecessor of craps were said to be a favorite game among soldiers during that time where they would play with the dice in the back of their shields at camp.

It has been theorized that the game of hazard, which later on became known as craps, came in the United States when the first wave of English dwellers came to the Americas.

At about 1800, the game of English hazard became well known in New Orleans. The French called it craps. After the 1800s, the games and odds of craps changed through the years. Many variations were developed making craps more and more distinct than its early predecessor, hazard. It was only around the 19th century when modern features of the game of craps were introduced. This included the craps table and layout that features the six and the eight, the Come and Win bets, and the Field. However, during that time, the craps players were only allowed to bet with the dice against the casino.

It was only when John H. Winn came into the picture did the game of craps get revolutionized. Craps players are now able to bet wrong and right. Winn improved the layout of the craps table by assigning a place for the Don't Pass bets. It was in 1931 that the game of craps, along with other casino gambling games, was legalized in Nevada. Since then the game of craps, Las Vegas style, has become more and more popular all-over the world.

Through the years the craps players thought of ways to beat the house in any way they can. Thus, numerous craps betting and progressive systems were devised with the hopes of finally beating the house. Craps players used crooked dice in the hopes of playing that perfected dice.

The game of craps became even more convenient with the introduction of the World Wide Web. This enabled craps players to play their favorite games online.