Craps Terms

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Craps Terms

The game of craps has existed for quite a number of years. The exact origin and beginning of craps is unknown but along the way the game of craps has gained a number of terminologies and vocabulary exclusive to this dice game.

Aces is what the craps player bets if he wagers that the next roll of the dice will be two.

The bet that wagers that the next roll of the dice would be any craps number, which are two, three or twelve, is called Any craps bet. This bet pays 7:1 with an 11.1 % house percentage advantage.

3-way craps bet is the bet where a craps player wagers one unit of money that the 2 will come up on the next roll, one unit of money on 3 and one unit on the 12.

Any 7 is what you call the craps bet where the craps player wagers that the next roll will be 7. This craps bet has a house advantage of 16.7% with a 4:1 payout. The Any 7 is considered the worst bet in the craps game.

Backline is another term for the don't pass line wager.

A Big 6 is a wager that the number 6 will come out first before the 7. The Big 6 has even payout in craps and has a house advantage of 9.1%.

The Big 8 is also a craps bet which wagers that the 8 will be rolled first before the 7. This craps bet also pays even money with a 9.1% house advantage.

The Big Red means putting a bet on Any Seven. The number seven, incidentally, is colored with red on the craps table.

Bones is also another term for the dice.

Boxcars is what you say when you want to bet on the number 12.

Buffalo is when you place a bet on the hard way bet and any seven bet.

A capped dice is what you call a crooked dice.

A cold table is what you call a craps table that does not let its players score their points.

The first roll of the craps game and every new round is called the come out roll.

The number two, three and twelve are called craps numbers.

Crap Out is when the craps numbers of 3, 2 or 12 is rolled in the come-out roll.

Double odds is what you call a bet that is two times as large as the original bet placed on the pass line or come bet.