Craps Etiquette

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Craps Etiquette

We all know that there are rules in every game. This goes for both casino and non-casino games. In craps, however, there are a number of rules that ought to be followed other than the usual craps rules. I'm talking about expected behavioral rules that ought to be followed while playing craps. These are also called craps etiquette.

Every craps player must know that if he is given the chance to be a shooter or if it is his turn to be the shooter then he must follow certain rules in handling the dice. Any casino would only allow the shooter to handle the dice with only one hand. They do this to prevent cheating or replacement of craps dice with specially made dice.

The craps players must not toy with the craps dice by placing the dice from one hand to another or by getting the dice beyond the edge of the table. If a change of hands is permitted, the craps dice must be set in the table first before getting them again by the other hand. If in the event that any craps player do not feel like handling the craps dice or isn't certain he can follow the rules then it is not shameful or rude to refuse the offer to roll the dice.

Being the craps shooter also entails some responsibility. For one, it is expected that the shooter will throw and not slide the dice. The shooter must also throw the dice to the farthest side of the wall and the craps dice must bounce off the craps' wall. The craps dice must not be thrown any higher than the craps dealers' eyes. Also, the dice must not hit or land on any of the chips in the craps boxman's bank or the craps dealer's money.

The option of allowing the craps dice to be set before throwing it lies in the casino. Some casinos allow the dice to be set while others prohibit such an action. If you are allowed to set the craps dice then do it quickly so as not to delay the craps game. Still, remember to follow the rule that only one hand touches the dice.

Be sensitive enough to know that craps dealers are not suppose to touch the craps players. Therefore, do not expect the dealers to hand over your chips nor attempt to give your money to the dealer. Place the money you want to exchange in the layout. Say 'change only' or say the amount and the bet so the dealer can place the money on the appropriate betting area.

There are other simple expectations or etiquette that should be followed by the craps player. It would do you well to know them and follow them.