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The modern game of craps, came to be from the old english game - "Hazard". Since the old days of Hazard things have changed; old rules have changed to make room for new variations. Today, craps is being played in every respectable casino house.It is pretty easy to notice the craps table. It is usually cluttered by cheering crowds rooting for the winning thrower.

With the advent of the internet, the online variation came to be. Online craps are now a popular gambling game, which is played in every online casino. Craps as all the other dice games requires, most of all - luck. Luck is essential but it is not the only thing needed to win.

Proposition bets, free odd bets, hardway bets. You might have heard these terms tossed around a craps table, but what do they mean? Why do people use them? And most importantly - can you employ them to increase your odds? Here at beside providing you with a basic introduction to the game of craps, we will try to aid by supplying you with tutorials, tips, strategies and guides for playing online crap games.

We will try to fulfill all your online craps gambling needs. If you have any questions or feedback please don't be shy and use our feedback form. We are always happy to hear from our readers as we try to improve our site. Our reader import is very important to us; without your honest and unbridled suggestions we'd be lost. There's clearly lots of work to be done but our passion for crap clearly shows.

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Playing online casinos games is another great way to enjoy online gambling.

A good online casino offers a greater variety of casino games like Craps and not just the usual blackjack and slots

    Interesting Online Betting

    One can place wages online on the winners of the next Oscar Prize or on the last standing player of one of the ever popular television reality shows like Big Brother.


    How to Play like a Pro

    There are things that separate a newbie from a professional craps player. A newbie would often play craps thinking that it is a game of luck; a pro plays with a secret weapon and that is strategy.


    Proposition Bets

    There are many bets that gamblers can make when playing craps. It is important to understand the terms and what the details of these proposition bets really are to ensure your own success.



    Craps has been around for many centuries. Although the exact origin of the game may never be known for certain, it is without a doubt here to stay.

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